Sunday, January 5, 2014

Please Visit: My New Website!

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for your attention span to my blog. I will be transitioning from this site to my new website: . I will still be posting the same posts here, though perhaps at a lesser interval than what I've been posting so far.
Thanks to all my fellow collaborators in the studies of communication, harmony and effective strategies and actions. We all stand on the shoulders of the giants of intellectual and empathetic accomplishment, and I am grateful for the help I've received from those who have found value in what I am producing.
Thank you again,
Darrell Becker


  1. The new website looks awesome! Very clean and organized, and still attention-catching. I like your choice of fonts, it makes reading the content that much easier.

  2. Thanks Rachel! The site was a gift from a friend of mine over at . He does the "heavy lifting" when it comes to some of the design and fonts, and I focus on content. I realize you may be busy, but if you have time, would you be willing to tell me how you found my blog, and in what way is my work valuable or interesting to you?