Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Discussion with Laurette Lynn of the Unplugged Mom Podcast

This is a discussion I had with Laurette Lynn of . We covered the subjects in my previous post (the Trivium method of critical thinking and Non-Violent Communication) but applied the insights to parenting and general interpersonal communication. For anyone who was left confused or unclear as to the previous post, this interview and discussion might serve to add deeper levels of clarity and understanding.

Host Laurette Lynn offered insight and commentary on topics that challenged mainstream, status quo thinking and offered alternative solutions for living a liberated life.  The shows focus was centered around education.  Laurette discussed the various unhealthy issues with modern compulsory education and encouraged parents to “unplug” from conventional schooling to enjoy home-based, independent education.  Through provocative discussion and educational interviews with a variety of high-profile guests, UMRadiooffered advice, support and resources for every family looking to embrace a school-free life.

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