Friday, August 24, 2012

August 23, 2012 Back on the Big Island, back to normal...

I show up on youtube!   Click below for the link to: Coercion as "harm"; after first hour, NVC & autonomy 
(This was labeled "The Ethics of Coercion" in the hangout when I joined.)
Unexpected things, and I'm back from my travels, no international stuff, and this is actually fine with me...
However, while being here I finally reached out and produced a nice video with my friend Jacob S. from the G+ Hangouts.
Here is the link, Jacob starts it off talking solo for the first hour, and I appear at 1:02:30 (after futsing with my nasty feedback, so professional). I also futs with my cat, my soup and a few other things, but me and Jacob have a great talk, in my opinion. »

I will edit the link if it does not work correctly...

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