Friday, July 27, 2012

What is Voluntary Visions?


This is the Voluntary Visions blog, covering the intellecutal lenses
that become the focus of the Volutary Visions Podcast.
I'm Darrell Becker. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, and I make prints of the art that you see on the VV blog page and sell them at the local farmers markets. I will tell you all about me after I introduce the topics of investigation that I am looking to focus upon.

Voluntary Visions looks through the intellectual lenses of self-ownership, the Homestead Principle, and the Non-Agression Principle, as well as other lenses,
or systems of knowing, understanding and finding practical applications.
I am here to help explore compulsory problems
caused by coercion, tyranny and central planning,
and to look through many lenses of philosophical thought,
in order to find voluntary ways of visualizing methods to promote a more wonderful life.
I also encourage you to follow along
when I turn the intellectual lenses
back in on themselves,
as we explore methods of examining critical thinking, cognitive dissonance, empathy, logic, and processes of reaching emotional and intellectual equilibrium.
Together we can visualize, plan and create a world of voluntary and competing providers of goods and services, a free exchange of limitless inovation,
in order to supplant the compulsive monotony of limited choices.

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